Research Report Green Office 2014

Research Report »Green Office 2014«

Sustainability and especially ecological sustainability are some of the biggest topics these days. The sustainable design of work and office environments bear a lot of potentials to improve the ecological foot print of companies.

With the second research report »Green Office« the Fraunhofer IAO has examinded how relevant the sustainable design of office and work environments is for german enterprises. The results from the »Green Office 2014« report show that there are enormous market potentials for providers of innovative sustainability solutions.

Focus of our research was to identify which specific ecological actions companies have taken or already planned considering the design of their office environments, the use of information and communication technologies as well as regarding to the user behavior. Additionally we wanted to find out what the main reasons are for companies to take several actions, what kind of barriers might exist and how big the willingness is to invest money into sustainable actions.

Results from the »Green Office 2014« Survey

The significance of the topic sustainability is quite high in most of the companies. This is true for an environmentally appropriate entrepreneurial thinking in a common sense as well as for the products and services of a company as well as the sustainable design of office work, office environments and the office infrastructure.

Although the willingness to invest money into environmental friendly actions exists on a broad base there has been no comprehensive implementation. For solution providers this is a great chance to develop and offer innovative solutions. One of the main reasons why sustainable actions have not been taken into reality is the lack of knowledge regarding potential solutions.

What are the barriers for the introduction of actions regarding a ecofriendly user behavior

What are the barriers for the introduction of actions regarding a ecofriendly user behavior?

The new research report »Green Office 2014« builds up upon the results of the first survey from 2010 an can be downloaded for free at: (only available in german!).