Dennis Stolze

Dennis Stolze

Dennis StolzeMy name is Dennis Stolze, and I am currently working for the german research organization Fraunhofer at one of approx. 65 institutes named Fraunhofer IAO in the department Workspace Innovation. There we are doing research about future working environments for knowledge and office work. Based on our research we derive guidelines for the design of organizational, technological and spatial surroundings.

Research Interests

My own focus topics are Communication in Working Environments, density of different office structures, working environments for research and development and living and working in the city of the future.


I graduated from Stuttgart University in Germany and hold a Diploma in technically-oriented economic management (German: Technisch orientierter Diplomkaufmann – Dipl.-Kfm. techn.). My thesis was about

»Identification of Parameters and Variables for a Tool to Simulate and Measure Face-to-Face Interactions in Working Environments«

(Original german title: »Identifikation der Parameter und Einflussgrößen für ein Tool zur Simulation und Messung von Face-to-Face-Kommunikation in Arbeitsumgebungen«)

My focus topics during my studies were:

  • Business Informatice
  • Research, Development and Innovation Management
  • Manufacturing Engineering and
  • Electronic Business

At Fraunhofer IAO I started working in fall 2004 as a student assistant. For 1.5 years I was also working for Bosch in the central department “Corporate Sector Information Systems and Services”.


My contact details at Fraunhofer you can find on my LinkedIn or Xing profiles:

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